Friday, January 29, 2010

New Law, Census 2011...

Despite my promise to myself, I have not been able to blog regularly. Will try to do better.
However, I have been fairly regular on Twitter (@javed_abidi). I am copying below, some of my latest tweets:

Jan 25th: We are one step closer to a Nat'l Policy on Electronic Accessibility! Drafting Committee completed its work earlier today. Now, over to DIT!

Right to Read (R2R) campaign comes to Delhi on 30th Jan. The first day of the famous Book Fair at Delhi's Pragati Maidan.
Finally! NASSCOM sets up a Disability Advisory Group. Chair: Pradeep Gupta, Cyber Media. Me, Shilpi, Deependra, Nirmita, etc. are there too.

Jan 28th: Pressure mounts on MSJE!Parivaar says NO to amendments. Passes resolution in its AGM supporting the demand for a new Disability Law.
North Zone Consultation on the New Law starts at 9.30 am tomorrow. J&K, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Himachal, UP, etc to participate vigorously!

Jan 29th: Meeting Census Commissioner, Dr. Chandramouli on Mon., 1st February. We have to get the numbers right this time, in Census 2011.

North Zone Consultation. Day One. Everyone was unanimous that we need a New Law and not 200+ Amendments to Disability Act, 1995.

On 'One Law' vs 'Four Laws', there was a vigorous debate!! There are fears and apprehensions. Must try and build a consensus on this too.

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