Monday, February 15, 2010

Techshare 2010: Give us 'best' assistive devices!

Techshare 2010 was inaugurated in New Delhi today. IT Minister, Sachin Pilot was too busy, I guess. However, Social Justice Minister, Mukul Wasnik came & saw the exhibition too. We drew his attention to the ADIP Scheme under which rotten, low quality wheelchairs, crutches, white canes & hearing aids are distributed. Crores are Rupees are wasted. Govt. pretends they are doing it to 'alleviate' the suffering of disabled people. Actually, they only add to it!!!

Under this Scheme, ALIMCO in Kanpur still manufactures British era goods. I would not wish their wheelchairs on my worst enemy! I swear!! These 'goods' are transported in trucks to 'backward' districts & villages & given to 'poor' disabled people, under Govt's 'Camp' approach. 'Goods' are so bad, no one uses them. Nothing ever changes. Only person happy: the politician, for photos published next day in local papers.

XIth Five Year Plan clearly says: "ALIMCO should not be a monopoly supplier". Plan has been approved by the Cabinet, but no implementation. The Plan further says: "Approach should be to provide BEST assistive devices by encouraging multiple manufacturers & even through imports". Planning Commission promised: "XIth Plan shall allocate adequate funds for strengthening of this Scheme". Over 2 years gone! No action yet!!

At Techshare's inauguration today, I cornered Mukul Wasnik on this vital issue. He has promised he will "look into the matter". Let's see. My honest opinion: Entire ADIP scheme needs to be overhauled! ALIMCO needs to be shut down or totally revamped!! Will MSJE listen? Will they do it??

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  1. Sir,
    you said exactly.
    Iam a person suffering from post polio residual paralysis. ACtually, I tried to use a caliper supplied by ALIMCO two times earlier, but I leave it as soon, due to miscomfort. I think modern technologies and assistive devices are available in India also through the western collabarated companies like 'ottobock India 'but the prices are unmatchable.In my opinion , it will be btter for Govt. to allow funds for individuals for purchase of the same, meanwhile adoption of these technologies in ALIMCO for producing goods